April 23, 2009

What do Twitter, Rat snakes, Easter Bunny, and the year 1533 have in common??

Oh it's so obvious. Got it figured out yet?? Alright, alright. I'll give you a hint..

my life is never boring.

I apologize for not keeping you updated on the excitement of the Beck family lives. So since it's been a while this post will be full of updates and general life happenings!

What do Twitter, rat snakes, Easter bunny and the 16th century have in common?

They can all be found in this post lol

Easter weekend we went home to my mom's in Highland Village. I have the bestest (a word fitting for my mom) mom in the world! She gave up her bed and room for our large family. She even erected a tent for the kids to sleep in! Poor Jim I left him out of the accolades! He's the best too considering he had to give up his bed as well.

I was extremely excited for this weekend. Every year since 2001 (I think we missed 2) we have been attending the Scarborough Renaissance Festival (based on the year 1533) in Waxahachie. This is something we look forward to ALL year. It is an amazing experience and since we love all things cultural and historical this is the place to be!

On Easter Sunday I was enormously blessed to attend my oldest brother's church. I cried as he spoke and prayed as the memories of his journey flooded my mind. I clearly remember him living with us, being a bum (sorry Chris! we all have our bum moments) and us gently encouraging him to get a job and visit our church.

That was just ~8years ago and now he is the head pastor of Fellowship Church Ft. Worth. The Lord never lets us stay in bum-ville for long. When He has plans for us he will bring them to fruition in His time.

"I am SO proud of you, Chris!!"

Oh and that Easter Bunny I mentioned, he resides at FC Ft. Worth. The kids, especially Haven and cousin Park, loved harrassing the Bunny. We don't "do" the Easter Bunny b/c I'm just too darn lazy so I'm glad FC invited him down. :D


When we moved to Kerrville into this beautiful house with a heavily landscaped, rocky, multi-layered deck backyard I thought briefly about snakes. Would they venture into our neighborhood like the hordes of deer?

After almost 3 months of living here I got my answer...Yes! Thankfully, our fearless cat and loud, yapping dog alerted us to the intruder. Actually we shrugged off the incessant barking and it wasn't until Haven came running in saying he was scared of the snake that I checked it out.

I carefully walked toward the "rattling" noise and ... "if it was a snake it would have bit me..." I seriously about walked on top of it before I saw the camoflauged coil that was most definately rattling. I screamed for Michael thinking it was going to kill Rachel (the cat).

He got the shovel, attempted to chop it's head off (PETA go away) and then came in to identify the harmless snake as a rat snake. Oops guess we could have left the head in tact. Now we'll have rat over-population lol. So that was fun. Rachel enjoyed her new toy for the rest of the day.

And Twitter...

"Hi, my name is Autumn, and I'm addicted to Twitter."

Maybe not addicted but I like it alot. From a business perspective it is great. Not sure I see much point if you don't have a website you want to draw traffic to. I mean where else can you "talk" with owners of boutiques, celebrities and big-time bloggers?

If you want to follow me click on the birdie at the top right. My username is clothdiapertips.


And for a kid update:

Haley gets more beautiful every day. It hurts to look at her beauty! I love her heart so much. She always wants to help others. In school we are working through Adventures in My Father's World. I'm She's learning SO much.

Haven has developed the cutest, funniest personality. I know I shouldn't laugh but man he cracks me up when he picks/pesters/annoys Paisley. He isn't doing any school work formally but we are starting to see some interest in learning...as long as you don't ask him any questions.

Paisley is in the terrible two's for sure. Goodbye sweet lovable cherub, hello loud, sassy monster! But she is still cute and obeys better than the others. She's just learned to stand up to Haven! Paisley is potty trained now. Crazy how it seems she did it overnight. Just now I walked by the bathroom to see my precious girl sitting on the potty. She doesn't tell us or ask she just takes care of business. Love her independence and perserverance to accomplish anything her siblings can do!

Sterling is my little prince. I am in love. He's started sleeping longer at night. Today he's fussy b/c of a cold his big sis Haley gave him. Poor thing has no chance if Haley carries something. She is always holding and loving on him. He reached for a toy on his chair yesterday. He's so advanced lol.


Dr Eva said...

UGH!! You would know the first Sunday I've missed in a long time is the SAME SUNDAY that you visit!! :( Oh well, maybe next time.

Cindi said...

*sigh* I loved this gift from you! So fun to keep up with you through your words and thoughts. My grandchildren {all 7} are simply amazing. We are blessed!!!!
And it's so true about Haley's beauty...amazing inner beauty! The outside ain't bad either!

The Rozell Family said...

hey Autumn! I read your blog all the time but never seem to have time to comment! Your little one is so precious! We are enjoying our wonderful blessing too. Hes sleeping right now and I have a few min for surfing the net! which by the way I ran across an AMAZING blog today, I will share with you! It has been a HUGE HUGE encouragement to me today. www.aholyexperience.com. have you seen this site before? i hope you are doing well. So wonderful you are a mommy to four kiddos! We want atleast 4 kids too! You are an inspiration! oh adn cloth diapering is going SO SO well for us. thank you for your encouragement!