April 7, 2009

Sterling video

Here is a video of Sterling. He is so darn cute!! He was 4wks old yesterday! Can you believe it's been 4 weeks already? Time surely is flying by :(


Cindi said...

I think he likes to look at his nose...although I used to think it was fun to see two of everything by crossing my eyes! So maybe he thinks he can double his feeding source! Hahahahaha! He is so precious and I feel so blessed that I got to witness that beautiful smile in person. Wish I had smell-a-vision so I could smell that sweet little furry head one more time.

♥ mom

Hal Prater said...

Thank you for sharing the video with us. Sterling is most definitely a beautiful baby. We can't wait to see him and all the kids again. Give them a big kiss & a hug from Gigi & Papa.
Love ya,