May 1, 2008

My Family

Michael: genius, entraprenuer, sexy, practical, level-headed, patient, giver, CHRIST LOVER, chiropractor, internet marketer, most amazing husband and father!!

Me: daughter of Christ, helpmeet, mommy, writer of blogs, homeschooler, organic chef, cloth diaper expert, constant worrier and dreamer of unlikely scenarios involving the danger to my children, health advocate, birth warrior, breastfeeder, doctor of minor wounds, referee, maid...

Haley: Ah, where to start...intelligent, mature, beautiful, innovative, creative, emotional, CHRIST FOLLOWER, strong headed first-born.

Haven: Rowdy, ornery, silly, funny, dirty, emotional, stunning, sensitive, all boy!!!

Paisley: Precious, loving, hugger, gentle, gorgeous, so smart, independant, stubborn, tomboy, a true baby girl!

Sterling: Pookey bear, sweetie, cool cat, loves sleep :D, my forever baby b/c I will find a way to keep him from growing into a monster!