April 26, 2008

Compassion International

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I lost a child yesterday. Thank God it was not a loss due to death and it was not a biological child. My first Compassion child that I started sponsoring in 2004 will no longer be a part of Compassion International. Carlos Jose will be moving to the United States from his home country of the Dominican Republic. I know I should be happy that he moving to our country where opportunities (and food) abound. But his letter left me in tears. I didn't think I was so attached. I was not going to let the sadness last for long. I pulled up the Compassion website and with my family's help we chose a new child to sponsor. I knew that I wanted a girl this time and my heart was with the children who had been waiting longer than 6 months for a sponsor. Our search ended with little 4 year old Selina. She lives in Tunisia. I now have her picture on my desktop and every time I see her I say a prayer. I look forward to many years of letters with Selina.

If you are not already sponsoring a child with Compassion, please pray about it. It is only $32 a month. Even when we were so poor we couldn't feed ourselves, we remained faithful. God blessed us through those times.

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Anonymous said...

May the Lord bless you and both Carlos and Selina. Thank you also for your loving appeal for others to take on a child to sponsor for their very own.

I would be honored if you would Jesus + Compassion to your blog roll.