April 25, 2008

Car Seats

There are a few things that really get me going. One of them is car seat safety.

I didn't gain this passion until my pregnancy with Paisley. It's one of those things that I don't think of all the time but when it comes up, I swear I break out in a sweat. Just the thought of a child dieing because of parent ignorance or just plain stupidity (the first being because they simply don't know and the other being they do and choose to use the brilliant statement "the chances of that happening are slim" or "my other children have made it through just fine".)

I will admit I'm a little in the stupidity category. Haley is 6 years old and 43lbs. She should be in a 5-pt harness still. I made the mistake of rushing into a carseat purchase 5 months ago w/o researching the best choice. I bought her a multi-use seat that harnesses to 40lbs. I now know that I should have purchased either a Britax Regent or a Graco Nautilus 3-in-1. The Britax harnesses to 80lbs and the Graco to 65lbs.

With my husband's blessing I will be buying the kids Graco seats very soon.

As for Paisley, she is still rear facing at 25lbs. She will remain rear facing at the very least until 2. She is in an Evenflo Triumph. Most parents can't wait to turn their babies front facing. I was one of those parents. But I thank the Lord for the education I have received.

I pray I am never in an accident but if I am I want to know that I have done all I could to protect my children.

Here are some powerful videos in case I sound like an over reactive fanatic.

Importance of Five Point Harness:

Importance of Rear Facing:

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