April 27, 2009

Amazing bed commercial from Spain!

This commercial made me smile. Maybe someday the U.S. will have commercials more like this and less drug commercials! On a side note, does anyone else freak out when you're watching something with your kids (a kid program) and a "male-enhancement" drug commercial comes on?? Seriously!

This commercial contains birth footage and therefore obviously some nudity. ;)

Now to the beautiful bed commercial..


Dr Eva said...

LOVE this!! That was my position for Kendall's birth...thanks to your birthing story about Paisley. ;) LOL at the male enhancement commercial with the kids. Apparently you guys need no help there! ;)

Cindi said...

LOL at Eva's comment! funny!!!
I always cry at births...why is that! Even this one...what about the mattress? Was that part of the story? (giggle)
I can go one better on the commercials...the female pleasure implement! Yeah! primetime in my face with my kids in the room! No shame in television these days. EVEN...I! was shocked! So sad that I can no longer protect my children from tasteless commercialism.

Salty Star said...

wow! LOVE this video!