August 5, 2009

Kerrville: Culturally Diverse

Did I mention we live in a beautiful place? Hmm...only 3 million times in the last 6 months lol.

Before we moved here we stumbled upon a mini-Stonehenge and Easter Island. Of course once we moved here we could never re-find them! A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a road we hadn't been on (we thought) and we discovered the amazing structures again!

It was so fun to go and read the story of how/why they were built and take pictures. No outing is ever without incident though. Five minutes after we parked and walked up, a road crew asked us to move our car so they could spray tar! We made sure to move it far away.

After we took pictures we drove forever to see the gorgeous views near Leakey. Unfortunately, we missed our turn and ended up in Vanderpool. We managed to park on the side of a highway and hike up to get a few good view pictures.

This drive was taken to show my sister Samantha just how awesome the Hill Country is. When she arrived on Monday the first thing she said was "I had no idea it was so beautiful here."

See, it's not just me lol.


Cindi said...

Did the Easter Island statue say..."me want gum gum"?
What great pictures...I can't wait to go see them for myself! So glad you found them again. Did you write down how to get there? ;)

♥ Mom

Jenn said...

Love it! LOVE the new layout BTW!! You are awesome!