July 31, 2009

Annoying things today

1) Cash for Clunkers. Really now. WAKE UP PEOPLE! GAAAHHHH! I am not sure I need to elaborate anymore. Stupid, dumb, ignorant idea. How about forgiving some student loans instead??

2) Beer summit. Really now. GAAAHHHH! I'm a bit repetitive but WAKE UP PEOPLE! I didn't have much affection for Obama to begin with but after seeing him drink a Bud Light (thank you news, as if I really care what beer Obama prefers) I think my approval level sunk to a negative number.

3) Disobedience. Yes, shocking. What part of this statement does not make sense to you: "You are going to play outside for a looong time...loooong time. And you are not going to come inside a million times to get something you "forgot"." Pretty clear, right? After shooing the little angels outside they literally were back inside in LESS THAN A MINUTE! In the 30 minutes they've been out there they have come back 3 times. I've think the horns that grew out of my head scared them enough to stay outside.

They say when you write things should be in 3s so I'll stop there before I begin to sound like a whiney, madwoman.

To balance out those annoyances:

1) Michael and I were invited to the "Art Gallery" at Trinity Baptist Church. Haley and Haven participated in ArtDayz and today they showed off their creations.

.... hang on someone just came inside. Gotta go breathe fire.

2) God answered a huge prayer in a very amazing way!

3) I had fajitas for dinner last night, they were mouth-watering, and I got to eat it again for lunch.


Yara said...

I'm so with you on #1 & 3...
and the fajitas sound so yummy

Arby said...

If we are getting paid cash for clunkers, how much are we getting paid for the Obama administration?

Cindi said...

DragonBreath? Are you picking on my babies? Really? Love you so much...even though your whining! :) *giggle*

Dr Eva said...

You crack me up!! I so enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for sharing. :)