August 11, 2009

Junkie People

Who'd of thunk it??

I've never considered myself a sloppy or junkie person. But, one look at my garage in preparation for our garage sale and I'm reconsidering.

How is it that a purger like me manages to still accumulate so much JUNK?! It must be that other big characteristic of mine: spender.

If I could just stop buying things life would be much more peaceful. What's really disgusting is our childrens' play room.

Seriously, just saying "play room" makes me feel over indulgent. What child needs an entire room for toys?? And this isn't some small closet of a room. No, our little cherubs have an entire wing of the house.

As you can imagine, we've realized we have more house than we "need". It's a good thing we're just renting, we'll be smarter when we buy.

Granted, when we moved in we had the house one way and it was used to capacity. Then recently when we rearranged 3 rooms we ended up with an unused room! People always think they need more (clothes, shoes, food, dishes, toys, cars, money, house...) than they really do.

Too bad more people don't transfer that "need for more" into the number of children they have!

Anywho (I never say that word but it sounded nice here), I'm praying this garage sale is a big success. If not for me, for the kids. They are going to man a lemonade stand and they are SO excited. They already have planned what they are going to say and where they will be set up.

Whatever doesn't sell is going directly to the Salvation Army. Remember I'm a purger, NOTHING makes it way back into my house :D

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Cindi said...

((raising one eyebrow)) Nothing? I've said that before too! :)
And if your readers could see my house, they would know where you get that condition we so fondly referred to a "packratitis"!