July 15, 2009

What Sterling does for fun..

Oh, to be a baby again. Sleep whenever you want- for as long as you want. Nurse whenever you desire. Be snuggled, smooched on and squeezed all day long. And let's not forget playing in your own poop.

Yep. That's what Sterling did this morning. After we woke up (at 8:30!!) I changed his diaper and put him in his exersaucer. While making breakfast, Haley asked me to move Sterling's chair into their playroom. I go and begin dragging it when Haley yells, "MOM! He pooped everywhere!"

Apparently, the chair is a bit of a laxative and poop literally went ALL over the base of the exersaucer. To add to the wonderful picture I've painted for you, imagine him wildly splashing his little toes in it...with a very happy, content smile on his face.

All I could say was "Oh, heavens. Oh, heavens" I, of course, thought it was funny, Michael not-so-much.

In other news, Haley loves to take Sterling off in the playroom and make him laugh while videoing the whole thing. It is so cute. Here is the one from this morning...after he played in poop and got a bath :)

I'll also include a picture of me after Haven and Haley did my hair while I was reading Huck Finn to them. Aren't I gorgeous?!


Arby said...

He's a cutie!

Sarah said...

Your Haley is so funny! I loved that she was trying to get Haven to help her "blow on his belly" and Haven was too distracted! Kids are great!