July 10, 2009

4th of July Slideshow of FUN!!

We started 4th of July by going to the parade in Fredricksburg. My favorite part was the tank! So amazing.

We then grabbed some authentic food from...Subway lol. And off we went to tour an oooooold cemetary. Sounds weird, huh? We intended to attend the live recreation at the Pacific War museum. But because of the loud sounds they recommend no children under 3.

So we toured the cemetery filled with 1800s tombstones. It was a fascinating lesson for the children.

After that we headed over to Wild Seed Farms. GORGEOUS! There they have wildflowers, plants and herbs you can purchase. A butterfly garden that has the best caterpillar tanks. It was great!

They also have wine tasting, so of course I tasted many and bought some too.

We were thoroughly drinched in sweat after this point so we headed home...well not without a detour or two.

We stopped at Vogel farms for some fresh peaches, blackberries and tomatoes. Then, we took the long-cut but to the highway taking us home.

A quick rest and dinner and then off to fireworks. Not so glorious though as we sat in a parking lot but the kids got the picture and that's what mattered.

Oh and the first slide is a video and it's sideways but oh so cute. So just bend your neck ;) The slide show continues after the video with pics. MAKE SURE TO USE YOUR CURSOR TO TURN THE VOLUME ON! YOU'LL MISS SWEET SQUEELS!

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