March 19, 2009

Come see my new car!

I love it!!! The van was falling apart and we knew the time was coming to replace it. We found the perfect replacement.

It's a 2007 Suburban. Leather, dvd, 4x4, flex-fuel...did I mention we LOVE IT!!!!!


Hal Prater said...

Wow! That looks like the perfect family vehicle. I am so glad that you guy's have reliable transportation now. My love to all. Dad

Cindi said...

Whoot! that is soooo awesome....I'm so excited for you and the kids. By the can update you blog header. To Mom of 4 amazing gifts from God, 3 dogs and happy as a clam in Kerrville.

Autumn said...

love it


Dr Eva said...

What a sweet new ride!! I know you have to LOVE it. :) Miss you!!