March 24, 2009

Tantrum Tuesday

You'd think it was my 2 year old or maybe even my 4 year old that inspired the title...but no it was me. Yes at 32 I can apparently still throw one heck of a temper tantrum.

Thankfully, it was short lived but come on how embarrassing is it to have to apologize to your 7 year old for being a jerk?!

And what monumental event led to this tantrum? A dirty house. I can't seem to get back into the swing of things like I was before Sterling's birth. No my house isn't filthy and it isn't cluttered. But, when you have Enchanted Rock of Laundry sitting on your living room chair along with 8 billion toys around the house one is bound to blow a gasket.

What is quite amusing is that God never left my side through all this. Where I might hide if my child threw a tantrum in front of people, God remains faithful. He is so good that the precious lady that brought dinner for us tonight had some humbling words for me.

She said what I've heard dozens of times before--"before you know it your kids will be grown and gone. Don't waste precious time fretting about housework when you could be enjoying your children."

Talk about wanting to crawl under a rock! I did change my attitude after that though. Thank you, God :D

The night ended with a family fishing trip. Michael caught 2 fish while me and the kids enjoyed the squirrels, ducks, bull frogs and the gorgeous weather.


Cindi said...

Well there ya validation for a messy house. I spent too many years trying to make everything perfect. And ya know what? I never stayed perfect. So I decided to have more fun and do less housework. I can always dust when there is no one around to play with.
I like your friend...she is wise!
Smooches from a messy momma...

merydwen said...

lol! i think many moms let out a contented sigh of "been there done that!" with this entry!
the reason why my bedroom door was the only one shut at bunco? mt. laundry that was washed, dried, and crumpled on my bedroom floor! every week i vow that i'll do a load a day, and every week i spend friday doing binge laundry sessions!