March 16, 2009

Day One as a Mom of 4!

Sterling is one week old today!! Today is also the first day of being a family of 6 with no visitors.

I've enjoyed the company but I was ready to start "real life."

Of course, wouldn't you know that Day 1 would start off so ... funny.

Today was the day we were to start Adventure's In My Father's World (MFW). As I sat in the chair nursing Sterling and preparing for today's lesson I hear, "POOP AND PEE WIPE!!"

So, I walk with my attached nursling and assess the situation. I attempt to do both but no. Thankfully, Haley is right there and eagerly helps by holding Sterling. (she later says she had been waiting forever to hold a baby while standing up)

Right after that task is complete Paisley informs me that she has pooped. GRRRR!

Maybe we'll do a lesson by lunch.

Bottoms are wiped, diapers are changed and Sterling is crying again. I gather all the materials I need and sit down at the table with Haley (and baby). All goes very well and it feels so good to have completed day one of MFW.

Getting something accomplished when you've been practically bedridden for a week is liberating! Unfortunately, I take that liberation to a full extreme.

I proceeded to clean the kitchen, do laundry and pick up toys all to end up feeling like my uterus is going to fall out.

Fortunately, my husband works from home so taking a nap is an option and it felt so good!

All-in-all, Day One has subsided my fears of not being able to do the mother of 4 thing. Michael tells me that I say this after every kid. That is reassuring considering before Sterling I was saying being a mother of 3 was easy!

I wonder what adventures tomorrow holds...


Cindi said...

It simply holds more memories to be made, more trials, more triumphs and victories. More blessings, more prayers, more surrender. More glory for God. More love, more tears, more laughs, hugs & goosebumps. You might as well get a lanyard made for your camera because you won't want to miss a moment. More joy and pure exhaustion that you ever thought possible and last but not least....more passion to do it all over again the next day.
I am so proud of my baby girl...31 years ago God blessed us with you and I love you more everyday. Thank you for my journey through your day.

Tracy, mom2many said...

GO LAY DOWN!!! You're making me look bad *grin*. I'm so excited for you Autumn. I so wish I could hold Sterling. I have family down there, so be prepared, I WILL come visit.

Dr Eva said...

Let me just say I got an insight to why I love you so much by reading your mother's comments ~ I see who you take after. What amazing words from a woman who would know! ;) I'll tell you that you're going to handle 4 with flying colors like you have with every child! And you'll still look gorgeous and have a huge grin on your face from the joy of our Lord. :)
Miss you,

Becky said...

Congrats on baby #4! We are looking forward to baby #3's debut soon. I am wondering how things will be with 3 but I bet if you can handle 3 just fine, 4 will be no problem for you! Baby Sterling is precious!