February 5, 2009

Soapbox Thursday

Soapbox Thursday is here again! I created this blog carnival as an outlet for those little annoyances that get under your skin and infuriate you. Sometimes they only last for a few minutes but thinking about it drives you crazy. Join me as we let go of those things so we can be better mommies and wives!

Crazy as it sounds I actually am having a hard time writing something today! Not because I don't have a million things that drive me crazy but because we have just moved and life IS SO GOOD!

But because I would be doing my own blog carnival if I didn't get on a soapbox here goes..

Why does everyone feel the need to ask a school-aged child how school was today or where do they go to school? Our society has become so focused on the public school system that everyone assumes you fit into that mold. Summers, vacations, church programs all are scheduled around the public school calendar.

It always made me sad that the MOMS group I was a part of would end right when school was out. My schedule wasn't changing so why did I have to stop going to a program that had blessed my life so much?

I know these strangers who stop to ask Haley about school only mean well. But it is frustrating for me. Why? Because Haley doesn't speak up and answer their questions so my uncomfortableness forces me to answer for her and I end up saying something stupid like "she's homeschooled". We duh they didn't ask if she was homeschooled. All I did was make them feel awkward and I give homeschooling a negative slant.

So in reality it isn't the questions asked my strangers that is my annoyance but my answers! Ha! I'm my own soapbox today :D

But it is still annoying that everything is so structured around school calendars. You can't even check your child into church without giving them a grade level. Then that just messes things up more when you say your 6 year old is in 2nd grade. Oh well.

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