January 29, 2009

Soapbox Thursday

Welcome to the debut of Soapbox Thursday! I created this blog carnival as an outlet for all those little annoyances we encounter...then we can move on and leave it behind. What's bugging you this week?

Soapbox: Customer service has got to be at it's lowest point in history! These days employees (and I apologize to the responsible teenagers out there) especially the young employees are more concerned with themselves than the customers they are hired to help. It really is quite ridiculous.

I love it when I walk into a very small business and you get personal attention and a feeling that they actually care that you buy something. Walk into a chain store with a 17 year old working the check out and you're lucky to get a smile. Forget asking one of them where something is! They'd rather you not find it anyways and save them the time it would take to check you out.

Even small businesses suffer with this. When my husband owned his practice we had employees that would text up at the desk ALL. DAY. LONG. Finding good employees is hard! Having been on the ownership side I personally take the time to inform the manager of my bad experience.

Unfortunately, for the owner many of the managers don't care either!

Climbing down now and ready for an irritation-free day ;)

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Cindi said...

Well...I feel so much better now! How far away is next Thursday? ;)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting carnival!!! Haha

Thanks for the encouraging comment you left me on my LOTR post awhile back. :)

Miss Jocelyn