February 10, 2009

When words aren't adequate...

We've all had those moments when words just don't do your emotions justice. I can't even begin to describe the feeling me and my family have living in Kerrville.

We feel blessed every time we look outside. We are surrounded by extreme beauty. I never imagined I could look out my window in the morning and see a family of deer trotting through our yard and down the street. Who wouldn't drop their jaw at the panoramic beautiful views of massive hills and trees that we have?

To say we feel like we are living in a dream is most definitely an understatement.

I wish I had a picture of the 30 deer Michael, Haley and Haven saw on their walk the other morning. But all I have is the image of my precious little boy jumping up and down as he described the scene. Still a good picture ;)

Here are 2 pics of our favorite place in the house, the backyard. I love it that my kids now play all day outside. It doesn't hurt that the weather is amazing here.


The Rozell Family said...

hey Autumn,
not sure if it was you who left a comment on my blog but wanted to say hey. i am very close to birth, less than 2 weeks now. i am still feeling great just would love to meet our new baby and find out if its a BOY OR GIRL! I am dying to know!!! i am using cloth with this baby, knew you would be so happy! I am doing some chinese prefolds and some organic hemp from betterforbabies.com with wool covers. we'll see how it all goes! I am so excited to be CDing!

hope you are well.

Susan Rouser said...

Autumn, you are truly blessed. Your back yard looks beautiful and so much fun for the kids!
We will be in Kerville in late may for the festival. I love it there!
Maybe you can meet us for swimming one day at the state park (that's where we'll be staying).


Autumn said...