May 14, 2008

Scarborough Faire 2008

Scarborough Faire is a yearly must attend event for our family. We look forward to it all year. This year we actually got there before the gates open. The first picture is during Opening Ceremonies.

The jousting competition is so fun to watch. Granted, you have to forget you are an adult and participate with child-like maturity in order to overlook the bad acting, lol.

AH, the highlight of Scarborough Faire 2008. Every year without fail the first show we attend is the Birds of Prey. The master falconer at the end of the show asks one child to come up on stage. This year he chose our Haley! I could not have been more proud. Mr. Falconer presented her to the "king" and "queen" and concluded by giving Haley a very special necklace. Michael and I were secretly jealous.

Don't they look tired? This is at the end of our 6 hour day. A ton of fun but boy were they pooped!

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