May 15, 2008

Is anthing safe??


I will never be able to comprehend why my son (most boys for that matter) prefers to destroy EVERYTHING he touches. I just don't get it. Toys, paper, books, crayons, valuable items, sentimental items, junk, food, furniture...

I am trying to recall an object that Haven has not desired to take apart, color on, cut, burn, or all together destroy. He does have some toys that are in perfect shape. Anything that is HIS.

What brings this up? As I was walking in my laundry room today something blue caught my eye under the dryer. It was one of those adjustable eraser sticks. I love those things. I was so excited to show Haley and of course my excitement led to Haven's curiosity. You'd think I would have learned by now to not over-react to inanimate things.

After Haley showed no interest in this eraser that I thought was so cool, Haven took off with it like it was his newborn baby. That love lasted um...15 seconds. As soon as I turned back around he had already fully taken apart the eraser.

Because I like to waste my breath, I explained to Haven that we don't have to destroy everything. If he was half the smart alek that I am he would have grinned and said "ya sure mommy".

Needless to say, 4 hours later the eraser is MIA and when I do find it, it will be in 25 parts. :D

I am still picking up the shreds of foam from an octopus sprinkler I bought 3 weeks ago--when will I learn.


Becky said...

This is a very annoying thing right now... believe me I know (2 boys 6 & 4), but this will serve him well later. My husband takes apart everything still (his mother has told me so many stories of this when he was younger). Well, now as an adult he is an amazing handy man. He can fix anything that breaks in our house, car, etc... I am so blessed to have such a great fixer upper around! So remember next time Haven takes apart something he is just trying to figure out how it works and his wife will thank you for it later!

Jennifer said...

LOL I have 3 boys under the age of 4, and believe me I have given up on all that I hold sacred. I figure they're just possessions anyway. I did however from a very young age remind them of "mommy's special thing", and after the 1st child, he helped me remind the other 2. With regard to their own possessions, well, if they break it, they buy it so to speak. One time my son poured an oversized bottle of soap into the tub and all over the floor. I asked him nicely to go and get his piggy bank, and he paid for the next bottle of soap. I think he was 2! I did the same when he scratched his DVD after I told him not to play with it. It only took these two times, and I find he, and my other 2 boys are much more careful with their things, knowing that they cost money and that they are lucky to have them. I'm a mean Moma huh!? :) Thanks for commenting on my blog btw. I now LOVE cloth diapers too!