May 13, 2008

The Tooth Fairy IS Real

I have made a "few" mistakes in parenting. *gasp* One being when I read a tidbit of parenting advice I jump right in and give it a try.

A couple of weeks ago I read in Mothering magazine about not "lieing" to your children about things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. So when the time was right ... it was oh so bad timing... I calmly explained to Haley that adults have imaginary friends to, like Santa and the Tooth Fairy.

She looked at me confused, then asked "so the Tooth Fairy is you?" This was a bit ackward. They didn't mention this part in the magazine. "Well, yes, but I pretend to be the Tooth Fairy."

Subject quickly changed and nothing was ever mentioned. Fast forward to yesterday when amidst MUCH MUCH drama I pulled Haley's 3rd baby tooth. She was very excited about what the Tooth Fairy would bring her-

Wait. Didn't we discuss that the Tooth Fairy was just me? Apparently, to a 6 year old, reality isn't as fun as make-believe. So we put her perfect little tooth in a bag and set in a safe place. Thankfully she remembered to get it and put it under her pillow (I have some memory issues).

I go to bed at 11pm and never have another thought of my duty. Not a good thing. But God is good to me, I'm not sure why but I think it has more to do with my children than me.

Haven starts hollerin' for me from his bed at 6:30...okay I have to share why he is yelling for me. Literally in my deep sleep I wanted to cry from laughter.

He went to bed last night after a spanking (which is the normal routine because why on Earth would a 3 year old go to bed when told and stay there???) and apparently fell asleep while still crying at 8:30 just as all sunlight was disappearing.

So at 6:30, just as sunlight was appearing, he wakes up thinking it's nighttime. Being the "good boy" he stays in his bed and calls for me. I walk to him with my eyes still pasted shut and ask what he needs. "Mommy, what are we having in the morning for breakfast?" he asks. This is our only bedtime routine, to discuss breakfast. The poor lad thought it was last night!

Why is this important? Because God was looking out for Haley.

As I mentioned I had forgotten about my duty as the Tooth Fairy. I had tended to Haven and brought him to our bed to join Michael and Paisley. But I noticed another body. Haley had come into our bed sometime in the night (which NEVER happend) and I hadn't noticed until then. I laid down with Haven on top of me and immediately flew out of bed! Holy crud! I ran into the kitchen, blindly grabbed some cash from my purse and replaced Haley's tooth with a gift from the Tooth Fairy.

No more than 30 seconds after I returned to bed did Haley wake up and ask Daddy if he thought the Tooth Fairy came?

"Thank you, God!"

Turns out the money I grabbed from my purse was $3. I hope there is a long time between now and the next tooth. Enough time for her to forget that the Tooth Fairy left $3! She did actually say that she'd rather have a toy next time.

I rather enjoy my imaginary friends...if only I could remember them at the right times.


Cindi said...

Not to worry...she's still trying to figure out how I knew that she lost her tooth when she called and said...hey grandma guess what?
LOL....she thinks i'm wonderful and mysterious...i am humbled.

Autumn said...

You're right! That was the first thing she told Michael when he got home!

MCK Mama said...

Oh, I SO enjoyed this post!!

(Had to laugh about the spanking..,and why on earth a 3 year old would go to bed and stay there! And thinking it was still night at 6:30 am!)

What a great, positive outlook about having to get up early, and tending to your Tooth Fairy duties.

I didn't read that article in Mothering. I don't subscribe this year and usually read online or grab one at the store. Are you going to keep that up, the "not lying" thing? That's how my sister and I were raised: we were told always from the beginning that Santa and such were not real. But we still pretended and always knew it was not real but STILL had a blast with it!! That's how we're handling it with our kiddos, too. It you keep it up, maybe it will be easier with your younger kids...if they know from the beginning and don't have the let down your older daughter did! :) Sounds and looks like she's recovering just fine, though!!

Great post!!

Hannah said...

I like your writing! You are a sweet mom from what I hear!!!!