March 10, 2008

Who says 12 hours in the car isn't fun???

You wimps lol! Well it wasn't 12 hours straight thankfully! On Saturday we drove to Houston for a wedding and turned around Sunday to come back.

If I could choose one word to describe the wedding it would be: interesting.

It was beautifully decorated and I loved the colors: purple and sage. Well not purple purple but lavendar. I am not sure if I would say that overall this trip was a good thing or a bad one. Anytime you drive 2 long stretches that close together you're bound to have atleast one of them be horrible.
On the trip back we made a lot of stops. One of them was at a rest stop that was so gorgeous. I think it was around Conroe. The trees are tall, thick, and wonderful. In the middle of the rest area was a huge play ground. It would be a dream to have that in my backyard! The kids got to play a bit before we continued on. Oh and the reason we stopped was because my precious son likes to scream "I need to poop and pee NOW" at frequent intervals...and usually at times when there is NO bathroom in sight. So we had a couple of "on the side of the road" potty breaks. It makes me glad that I only have 1 child who does this. The other is almost 6 and has a great bladder and the other is still in cloth diapers.

But we made it back as one happy family still and that is a great accomplishment!

the beck family

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Cindi said...

My goodness...what a beautiful family!