March 12, 2008

The Blog World

It wasn't until last week that I really "got" blogs. Months and months ago I started this blog and introduced my sister-in-law to blogging. I stopped writting and she developed a huge fan base. Now even though she likes to say "I don't know anything about blogs" I have discovered that she is quite versed in the right things.

So what got me back into blogging? My husband. He is the business mind and he got me started on a new venture (All About Cloth Diapers). I started to enjoy writing to help people with questions and doubts that they had about cloth diapers. Now that I am learning so much more than "open blog, write post, publish", I am starting to read other people's blogs and critique them. There are some outstanding web-savvy mamas out there! I wonder if they are the know-it-alls or if they have a husband behind them doing all the technical stuff?? I am perfectly happy just doing the writing.

Now my "Blogs Worth Reading" is growing and I am having to learn about this Google Reader my husband told me about weeks ago. Why does it take me so long to catch on?? Maybe I'm stubborn :) and have to figure it out myself.

I did figure one thing out on my own today. You will notice (hopefully because I don't usually do all the coding things) at the end of this post is a new "bookmark" icon. I saw it on a blog I was reading this morning and I love it!

It is also being added to All About Cloth Diapers so hop on over there and check it out!

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