March 22, 2008

My little girl is growing up

I have been gone for a while; busy working on my cloth diaper blog and book, entertaining family in our house for 5 days, and sadly watching my firstborn grow up so fast. Haley turned 6 on Thursday and I can't tell you how much she has changed over the last 2 weeks. It's little things like now she can reach the kitchen sink and turn it on by herself. Those last few things that they depend on us for are slipping away. When she was just born well meaning family tried to explain that this would happen. But in my naivete I shrugged them off and thought to myself that this won't happen to me. I know she'll always need me but now I have to beg...plead...for some snuggle time. Haven is my little snuggler so I can get my fix there-for now.

Here are a couple of pictures from Haley's 6th birthday party:

To see Haley reading 100+ page chapter books makes me take a second look. Am I really seeing my little girl???

I guess "they" were right, they grow up so fast.

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Katie said...

Sorry it took so long to reply, thanks for stopping by my blog! :-) How did you find me? I am glad to make new friends either way and will try to check back in! :-) Take care!!

PS - married to a chiropractor? I'm jealous! I keep trying to talk my husband into switching careers to massage therapy ;-)