March 6, 2008


8 1/2"
Mr. Frosty has a carrot nose and eyes and mouth made out of blueberries...plastic forks for arms.

Princess Paisley in her tutu
Too cool for this snow. I had to d-r-a-g Haven out in it.
My little snow angel.


Jacque said...

Hi. I see you have my blog linked in your sidebar. Thank you for the compliment!
I see you are in Texas. We are looking that way to move. We have family in Las Cruces, NM, but aren't looking to move there (maybe!)
Your pictures are great! We have had so much snow lately, I cannot believe it! At all! And, there is more coming, from what my husband told me this evening. Phew... I hope not!
I see your cloth diapers post... and I went to the one in the carnival. I love using cloth diapers. I even made my own, and they are easy schmeasy. We much prefer them to paper ones. Even my Littles can change them and clean them out.

The Rozell Family said...

hey Autumn!
yes, I remember you, I think you have a cool beco baby carrier or I remember you having a really cute carrier! How are you? Do you still go to LLL? My Denton Attachment Parenting group meets on Wed. morning now so I havent been going. I miss it though, I have thought about becoming a leader, I think that would be awesome!
yah, I will add you to my friends too!