February 25, 2008

Juice anyone?


1 stick Rhubarb
2 stalks Bok Choy
4 leaves of Kale
2 Beets w/ leaves
3 Carrots
2 Apples
1 1/2" Ginger Root

Place in Jack LaLayne and WALLAH! You have a crimson concoction that even the kids will love. Mine are on the back porch drinking their "wine" now. It feels so good to make and drink something that is SO healthy! I can feel every cell screaming out "Thank you!". Don't be intimidated by hard, pungent greens. By adding ginger and apples to any juice makes it sweet and spicy. Just perfect!

The other day I wanted to juice but was very limited on ingredients. So in case you ever wondered Celery, Broccoli, Apple and grapes make a "celery-ific" juice. I'm afraid that anything that contains even a string of celery will predominantly taste like celery. I liked it, the kids didn't.

Here is some new found info on these veggies:

Bok Choy : Bok choy has a mild flavor and a higher concentration of vitamin A.

Here's to healthy drinking!

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