February 26, 2008

Do you hear God?

When you pray do you hear God?

Is it wrong to say that I do?

In this world of political correctness and equal rights and ... existentialism :) I feel like making this statement is in someway blasphemous. Why can't I simply accept that I actually have an area that I have been blessed in ways others haven't? I don't baulk at the concept that I am blessed with the gift of hospitality. As a matter of fact I embrace it proudly. Yet it seems that if someone professes that they pray and actually receives a recognizable answer then they are categorized as, oh I don't know, holier-than-thou maybe. I am sure that these feelings are simply a product of my being "in the world" for so many years. I have learned to shed many of those false teachings but I still have a few cobwebs. Right now I am working on encouraging the growth of this blessing. I mean what better activity is there to engage in and enjoy than praying to our glorious Father in heaven. He is the only one with the answers afterall. I am at that point of eagerness to see what will be revealed next. Thankfully I have many opportunities to grow my relationship with the Father and my prayer is that I will impact others to develop their prayer life.

On that note, pray for my Haven. He seems to have the unfortunate potty sickness right now.

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