February 29, 2008

Run, Forrest, Run!

Let me tell you what a sneaky one God is. I am the last person in the world you want holding you accountable for something especially exercise. So last night when I saw my friend Misty at soccer practice what is the first thing she says to me???

"Autumn. I need help. I need a someone to hold me accountable to working out."

I respond...after 30 seconds of staring blankly at her... "oh, really? I am the worst person for that job." pause. "I suppose that is why God prompted you to ask me."

I really had nothing to say. Inside I was screaming:


But I couldn't vocalize that because God had convicted me in a big way. I know all the book stuff. I told her there were no excuses for me to give because I know what the Bible and science say... GET OUT OF BED EARLY AND DO SOMETHING! So I reluctantly tell her that I will commit to getting up at 5 AM!!! (yes that is not a typo) Monday thru Friday. Aside from not sleeping at all last night for fear that I would over sleep, this morning went extremely well. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt to jog around the track. I already had a planned playgroup at my house this morning so I feared I would not be able to stay awake. But it was great and I even forgot to drink my coffee! How funny is that!

I'm sure I'll crash soon but for now I'm basking in my runner's high.

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