October 13, 2007

Tatu anyone?

There are many times when I don't feel all that old but then a moment arises when my uncoolness shines through. For example, when I want to brag on my 5 yr old daughter's amazing soccer talent I want to compare her to Tatu.... crickets chirping... who?? If you aren't from Dallas and weren't awake in the late 80's (?) then you have no idea who Tatu is. I mean he was the single greatest indoor soccer player! Duh! Haley might not be Tatu but when I want to elevate her greatness to profession status he is who I think of and actually the only professional player I can actually name.
So what makes Haley so amazing??? WELL ONLY THAT SHE SCORED 4--- YES FOUR--- GOALS TODAY!! And just as I coached her :D after every score she would jump up and through her fist in the air. That's Prater blood I tell ya.

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