October 26, 2007

A Fallen Soldier

On Tuesday afternoon my family and I left the house to run some errands. As we began to leave our subdivision we were detoured by a police car. As we started to think of alternate routes we realized what the road block was for. On October 14th a hometown hero was killed in Iraq. When I first read of his death is deeply saddened me. I remember reading when he left for Iraq. But when you actually see flashing lights, hundreds of cars, motorcycle veterans, news helicoptors and people standing outside their cars showing as much respect as a human can show that's when sad takes on a deeper meaning. Sad became a horrible pit in my stomach. I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up. I wanted to let the tears flow but I was embarrassed of my emotions. I later found out when watching Channel 8 news that night that he was a husband and father to 3. I just finished reading the beautiful article on his life in our Krum newspaper. He was very highly decorated, a Special Forces Green Beret. He is the same age as my brother, 28. I have been forced to be aware of the brevity of life over the past week. A member of my church, a 19yo girl, was killed in an auto accident. An Oprah show w/ guests that are dieing right now of cancer but are living...LIVING...their life like we all should. These deaths explain why I have been thinking of my Meemaw and Pawpaw almost constantly the last few days. I use my memories with them as a reminder to love my family as much as I can every day. And to hold nothing back. I know we all die but it never gets easier hearing of a young person dieing. Justin's death has brought home the war. Before it was something I had no connection too. As of last Tuesday my step mom's nephew is fighting in Iraq. My prayers are more specific now. I am so grateful that I have my Lord and savior to comfort me in sad times and rejoice with me in good. Praise God for his plans.

Oh the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. How unsearchable his judgements, how unfathomable his ways. Romans 11:33

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