October 12, 2007

If you think you've had a rough life...

I have a new friend and her name is Molly. I truly adore Molly. We get along great and even better our kids get along well. It seems though that poor Molly has experienced EVERY bad thing a mom can experience in her 3 short years of being a mom. Just to give you a brief laundry list of "episodes": crazy MIL that didn't become crazy until she got pregnant, PSYCHO doctor who violently delivered her son, p*nis issues w/son where again she encountered another psycho dr., bone infection that had to require surgery where her son's arm was literally removed scraped clean then reattached, son has these seizures when he gets worked up... okay that's just with Calen! I mean the woman has to have nerves of steel. Ok ok. I see you're not convinced. Here is the last couple of months: Ella drowns and is rescusitated by Molly, CPS comes a knockin'! Yikes! It puts my "problems" into perspective. I feel very blessed to know her and I pray for SAFETY for her family. Her husband is a big honcho with the Flower Mound fire dept. so b/w him and Molly's training as a nurse at least her babies are in good hands :))

Oh and I so have to brag on her knitting!! She has knitted Paisley some beeeautiful items. Here is a pic of one.

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Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Molly shared some of this with me at the Galleria playdate, but I had no idea about Ella. Poor thing! I agree with you that Molly is a sweetie.

BTW- you may want to change it to "p*nis issues" (with a star) so you don't have any sicko people find your blog this way.