September 23, 2007


I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last post. Every day I think about writing but I have not really had much interest. We've been busy as usual. What family with 3 children isn't? Haley had her 3rd game yesterday. She scored her first goal! I am so in love with her! It is such a joy to watch her play. And I must humbly admit that I am like my mother. I have the biggest mouth on the sidelines. Maybe all the other parents missed the memo that you're supposed to be Asst. Coach by yelling for each and every player :D. I have a blast though. And of course my time to shine was this week...snack week. I brought half time and post game snacks. Now what kind of example would I be to sahms if I didn't go all out??? Don't worry the bar was set high LOL! Other than soccer we have been enjoying lots of family time. God has really brought us closer together lately, which is something only He could do because we were already really close! I am consciously aware that not all women have their husbands there all the time. Yes Michael goes to the office from 8 to 6 MWThF but other than that we're not apart. I can't imagine what I would do otherwise. God has been blessing Michael in some amazing ways these last 2 weeks. It is such a PRIVILEDGE!! to watch this occur. Of course I'd love to spew all the details but it's one of those things that no one else would really understand :P From one Christian to another though I'm sure the message is clear. God is GOOD! The only thing I'm missing is our family dinners. I sure miss seeing my brothers. That is the hardest part of growing up. They have lives too and well I guess that happens. I hope they know I pray for them daily. And I certainly hope they know that I am there in a second if they need me. Britt, if you read this, I love you and your sasqwatch husband too :)

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