September 8, 2007

Go Lil' Angels!

My poor little girl!! Being a parent is so hard. Nothing hurts worse than watching your child be miserable. We debated back and forth whether Haley should attend her first soccer game. We had her jog around the house as a test and kick the ball around. She seemed well enough to make an appearance. I really hated to let her teammates down and I know she was looking forward to this day like it was Christmas. But as soon as we got there the sun zapped what little energy she had. Thankfully she went in the first quarter. Liz, her coach, did a great job making sure Haley got to kick the ball as much as possible. But Haley could barely jog. After half-time she headed to the van. I am glad she got a feel for what a game is like. Now next week won't be complete confusion. I did take a couple of pictures of her and as you can see she looks pooped. Of course her it is 6:00 and I am happy to say the bouncing, bubbly, crazy Haley is back. Too bad the game isn't at 7.

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Cindi said...

She is the most beautiful soccer (super star) player I've ever seen.
And my opinions are always right!LOL