September 6, 2007

Puke, Puke and More Puke

WARNING*** The word PUKE is used a million times in this post! LOL

That is sadly the story of my last 2 days. I don't know which was worse: Wednesday when Paisley and I were throwing up or today when Haley and Haven are. I will say that my wonderful, amazing husband took Haley and Haven to the office yesterday during a not so pleasant...brb puke time... time at his practice. And having your mom live near you is fabulous when she brings you homemade chicken noodle soup ... yyuuuummmyyy! Paisley and I pretty much slept for 24 21 hours yesterday. I feel great today and Paisley seems to be 80%. I really think the worse part of todays events is Haley's realization that she can't go to soccer practice tonight. I mean seriously, if you only knew how much she loves soccer! Example, this morning she already had her practice outfit laid out in shirt, skirt, soccer socks order. I come in and move them (egad!! the tragedy!) and she has a dang kanipshin (never tried to spell that word)... brb puke time... fit. So you can see that she takes soccer, or atleast fashion, very seriously. I am sad for her as well though because she is very very good and it is a joy to watch her spank, er outperform, her teammates :D So back to the drama of Thursday. This has been my day (feel free to send me ecards of encouragement or sympathy): haley puke, haven puke, paisley scream and scream, haley puke, haven puke (sometimes simultaneous), i get smart and put paisley on my back to eliminate the screaming, haley puke x3+, haven puke. I have set up this handy dandy puke bucket though. It's a box with a liner then 2 vegetable grocery bags on each side. So when Haley pukes she goes to her side and I easily remove (and yes I hold it up and say look sweetie this is all the poison you are getting rid of) and then when it's Haven's turn I just turn the box. What a great use for those bags. Now when I say I held it up it was way past the point of there being anything but stomach acid, no floaters. I am pretty sure I am in the minority when I share with you what I am thinking as I pray for and hold Haley's hair during her low moments. I can't help but fast forward 20 years to her giving birth. The noises she makes, her pleads for me to pray for her, my gentle support. I actually tell her when she is puking that she is doing so good, get it all out, you can do it. What else do you say to a 5yo who is freaking out? It's been a few minutes and I have not heard any voices calling me to run in there with the box. I pray that saga is over. ugh there she goes. brb. Only a request for water. It's funny Haven has been quiet today which is a huge departure from his normal self. When he pukes it is calm and matter of fact. Again a huge departure from his normal self. I hate to say it but 4 down and 1 to go. Or the Lord (I know you are reading this God) could spare Michael b/c he really really really doesn't need to be sick right now. I covet your prayers!

Oh if you read this far I lost 5 pounds yesterday! Not exactly a desirable form of dieting but it sure is a nice positive to a crappy day.

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