September 3, 2007

Back from vacation

Today we got back from our little vacation to Lake Buchanan. We had a great time in our cabin just down from my in laws travel trailer. They are there from May to November every year. The super great part of the weekend was that all my meals were cooked for me!! Very nice ;) I was extremely impressed with our camp's bug population...the fact that is was NOT in my cabin. Our last trip to Lake Buchanan in the b.c. days was one I still shudder over. Well I must now retell that story...

Michael and I say our goodnights and get in bed. Turn off the lights. I am freaking thinking I feel a bug. Michael turns on the lights and sees a scene from "Attack of the Giant Cockroaches". Of course they scatter when the lights come on. I am really really freaking out now. I beg him to switch spots with me in bed so that I am farther from the door. Turn off the lights. Michael thinks he feels something crawling on him, no wait, he does feel something crawling on him. He turns on the lights and in bed with us is ... okay if your are reading this, Britt, I know you too are freaking out... a giant cockroach. At this point I am so ticked and scared and AAAAHHH that I demand we leave the cabin now. The last thing I remember is going to the car.

So needless to say I was on high alert the whole weekend and the only bugs I saw were tiny spiders and some little crickets. Not bad but I still did not sleep easy. Besides that everything else was relaxing. Michael and I are now on the quest to find a good, inexpensive pop-up camper. As a result to the immense fun Haley had this weekend she bawled her eyes out going to bed saying "I don't want to grow up. I want to be 5 forever!" I mean seriously, stab me in the heart! I remember the time Ed Young told of one of his twins being like this and it seemed so weird to me. I always wanted to grow up. But Michael said he too was like this after a really fun family weekend. I guess she, in her limited experiences, can't fathom having more fun than she did this weekend. I suppose I too would feel the same if I were her. But, I was successfully able to impart some words of wisdom to her about our Lord and his plans for us and off to sleep she went.

The whole weekend Haven slept with Haley and he didn't wake up. So tonight I put him in bed with her in hopes of continuing the streak. I heard him in there talking but couldn't understand. When I went closer I heard him saying in many different voices "Take me to mommy. I'm scared. Heeley (Haley) talk to me me. Open your eyes. Take me to mommy. I'm scared." Second time in 30 minutes my kids have managed to melt my heart completely! Now we are trying to figure out the best night light to get for Haven since apparently he is afraid of the dark.

It's amazing how the more kids you have the more "typical" kid scenarios you see played out in your household. It makes me realize that every parent really does go through the same things just with different kids. And of course the real test is how we handle it. I am grateful, so grateful, that God has blessed me with children after was saved. I can't imagine how I would have reacted to all these events without the loving guidance of our father. Every day I consciously acknowledge how God is using me to grow my children in the right way. Unfortunately, it means also being aware of when I fail miserably. But God is good and he always gives me a second chance.

Pictures to come at a much later time. I went film this time so I actually have to develop them.

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Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

I love this post. Well, the parts about Haley, Haven and God, NOT the roaches!!!You know I would have been in that car the SECOND something crawled on me. I'm feeling icky just thinking about it:)

So glad you guys had a fun weekend away. Love you!