August 27, 2007

My little pretties

I was forced to play Mommy for the millionth time with Haley. I was being the daughter and was told to go to sleep. In order to cause my "mom" the most stress I proceeded to ask for everything under the sun and whine a lot. Then I took pictures of all the kids from my perch on the bed. The bear Haley is holding is Moses or Elizabeth. This day it's Elizabeth.
Here's my cutie pie prince. He is playing with his new toothbrush. I am a super cool mom lol. I picked up a LEGO toothbrush from the Dollar General that actually has a LEGO guy inside. Totally a whole 'nother post but who in the world actually gets out of the Dollar General without something for the kids???
Sweet Paisley. I love her. She stood for about 10 seconds yesterday. *sigh* they grow so fast.

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Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Can't wait to see those cuties tomorrow:)