August 21, 2007

I love my husband

I am such a blessed woman. This morning I got to spend with my amazing husband. I am so grateful for the freedom he has owning his own business. We ran errands and had lunch in an unusually peaceful manner. Going to Panera Bread, my favorite restaurant, was bittersweet without Haley begging for a bagel and Haven throwing a fit b/c he doesn't want a sandwich. Of course, Paisley made up for the missing drama by choking on a piece of apple. So back to my husband. I seriously don't think that I could be married to a more intelligent man. You can literally ask him any question and he has an answer! How is that possible?? I have trouble remembering who won the Civil War (*blush*). Usually people are knowledgeable in specific areas but his knowledge is far reaching. Which is a very good thing when you homeschool your kiddos. I have no problem teaching the basics and later math, grammar and the art of shopping. However, teaching my little Einsteins about history and real world, get you somewhere in life topics leaves me feeling a tad underqualified. I suppose God did know what he was doing when he led Michael and I to Angelo State on athletic scholarships.

HOLY COW! I just looked at my calendar and realized tomorrow is our 9th anniversary. I did know it was sometime very soon but I have completely lost track of what day of the month and week it is. Well this is such a timely post. Hmmm, where was I 9 years ago. I know we were in San Saba preparing for the wedding. We had a "Fish Fry" for our rehersal...oh come on doesn't everyone have a fish fry with a keg for their wedding rehersal dinner??? A city girl marrying a small town football hero, it's what dreams are made of. LOL. Did I say hero? Well that would be a slight exaggeration, but at 6'3" 250lbs (now much lighter) he was the "big man on campus". The wedding was beautiful and simple but, alas, it was not perfect. I will forever and ever mourn one teeny tiny aspect of our ceremony. Don't laugh. When Brother Jack said "I present to you Mr & Mrs Michael Beck" (or however they say it) NO ONE CLAPPED!! The music started and we walked down the aisle. I know Michael will roll his eyes at me writing this. He has heard it so many times. I can't help it though. I feel like in some way it means perhaps the attendees were confused?? or too overcome with joy?? or our marriage is not worth celebrating?? Okay so I know none of those are true, but every girl wants a perfect wedding. It's a good thing that how you marry is absolutely no indication to what the marriage will be like. I only wish there were more marriages like the one I have. We agree on "almost" everything, we have a very healthy sex life (**gasp**) (thanks Ed Young), and I allow Michael to lead our family. Naturally, we argue, however, I prefer to call them "intense discussions". Life is good. Very very good. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him and making lots more babies!

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Nicole said...

I just wanted to say I love to read that people are happy in usually read the opposite and so its wonderful to read positive posts about married life. Its an amazing journey I must say. Kudos to you and your hubby for nine years!