August 20, 2007

My house is so QUIET!

(written Monday August 20th but forgot to publish)

I have 3 perfect (lol. this is a blog which can also be a dream world) children. This week my 2 oldest are visiting Granny, leaving me alone with my baby. I am always excited at the idea of having loads of free time but then reality sets in and I realize I don't know how to function with just 1 kid. Example, I went to the post office today and you'd thought I was a retard! (again this is a blog, my blog, so speaking in politically correct terms is not a requirement). I told the guy, after apologizing for having him tape up and address my packages, that without 3 children making noises I wasn't able to think straight. So let go back and describe what last night was like when we got home.

*insert sound of crickets chirping*

We had left the dogs at mom's house for an extra night b/c Paisley was screaming so bad on the way home. So no dogs and minus 2 children. It was a wonderful feeling to at least have my furry babies home. I mean how does someone live without tripping over, yelling at or picking up after dogs?? I guess this experience is teaching me that I am someone who thrives under pressure. When there isn't constant stimulus I retreat to doing nothing. Good to know. So here it is 6:30 and I am typing. I have made dinner though.

I really really miss my Haley and Haven. They bring so much joy to my day...and a few other emotions ;)

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