July 22, 2007

I'm a new woman!!

That's what a vacation will do for you! We just got back from Chicago where the weather is amazingly PERFECT. Atleast in July. I certainly have no desire to be there in the winter. I tagged along with Michael for a business trip. While he was off learning doctor stuff I was walking...and walking...and walking through the Woodfield Mall. That mall is enormous. I should have lost 15 pounds from all the walking (and during that 8+ hours of mall walking I had a 20lb baby asleep in her carrier on my back) but I made sure to counteract that excercise with plenty of tasty food. Now I feel fat but I just include that in the "new woman" package. Paisley came with us and we left Haley and Haven with Grandma. I can't believe how in 2 days the kids look like they've aged a year. Paisley got her fifth tooth while we were gone and got completely spoiled from being held all the time. Now I've got some retraining to do. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 days of watching TV, shopping and eating I am very glad to be home. Not too excited about resuming all of my chores however doing them is much more enjoyable than living in the effect of not doing them.

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