July 18, 2007

I need more time!

It's 8:30am, I have 45 minutes before I have to leave the house. Paisley is in the kitchen crying (not crying like "come get me!!" but that whiney cry that says "I really don't know how I crawled all the way across the house away from my mama"), Haven is naked on the couch watching Clifford next to Haley. The fact that Haley is "allowing" him to sit next to her when he's naked is Earth shattering. This is Haven's new obsession...nakedness. But back to the time issue. I am sitting here attempting to create a blog 45 minutes before my LLL meeting and I stink. Don't ya just love it? Why does the good for you natural deoderant have an expiration of 24 hours (if I'm that lucky)? I'm not one to shower daily but I'll spend just as much time at the sink washing and shaving my underarms so I don't scare everyone away. I just melt when my sweet little 3 year old son sniffs his nose and lovingly professess "mommy, you tink". :) So. I shall flee to the bathroom, make myself presentable and then start the insurmountable task of getting the 3 angels ready to leave. And one more note...er rant...why is it that every Sunday morning when "we" are getting ready for church I get stuck getting 4 bodies ready in the same amount of time it takes Michael to get his one body ready??? Every Sunday same thing. Very annoying. But that I'm sure will be discussed more fully at a later, more timely, day. Later.

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Joe McLean said...

Howdy! I seen you'd linked to my blog so I came to check out your blog since I've never heard of you before. So I'd introduce myself but I guess you know a little about me already. =]