July 18, 2009

Theology from a 5 year old

The post that I had planned to do will have to wait. Tonight our little Haven revealed his theological side. *sigh* This boy is amazing.

He fights sitting still during family worship where we study a book verse by verse. Right now we're in Romans and understandably for a 5yr old it is a little hard to stay focused (heck it's hard for me sometimes!).

But, at a time when he should be sleeping--9:30pm!--he shrugs off the "bad boy" persona and we get to see the inner Haven.

Here is the dialog that occured as I was making cookies and he was on the futon (because he was banished from the sleeping room after numerous warnings and absolute refusal to stay in bed and attempt sleep):


"What, Haven?" says me next door in the kitchen

"I'm talking to God."

I listen but can't hear. Michael walks in, I tell him what Haven said and he goes in to lay with him.

"If I go up to heaven by myself I'll be scared."

"Mommy and I will be waiting there waiting for you." Michael

"Why will you be there?"

Michael talks

"So you'll die first?"

Michael talks

"I wish I could die first because it's so long to live."

I cannot think of anything more pure than hearing a child on the cusp of understanding reveal their thoughts.

Later I go in to snuggle and to take part in the conversation with God.

"God do you have castles and houses?" "When we ask God he doesn't answer back right?"

"Listen and you may hear" me

"God, I'm on the futon because I did bad in there. Did you see me do bad in there? I don't want God to see me all the time. When I do bad I don't want him to see me. Why is God always there? I want to do good but sometimes I do bad."

"God wants us to do good things. When we do He is happy." me

We went on for a good amount of time. It's fun hearing what Haven asks. After I left and was in the kitchen he told me he loves God because he loves cookies and Jesus gave him cookies so he loves Jesus.

Then he said Jesus gave him flowers and he loves flowers so he loves Jesus. I asked him what he thought Jesus' favorite flower was. He said it was yellow with brown dots in the middle. And it smells good.

It is so exciting to think 10yrs in the future of the deep theological conversations Michael and I will be able to have with our children. We are cultivating a love for God and His word that will stay with them forever.

I pray for the day that Haven will ask the Lord to be his savior. I pray that all my children are part of God's chosen elect.

"Goodnight, God. Thank you for a blessed day."

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