June 2, 2009

Want to meet my chilldren?

I have 4 children: 2 boys, 2 girls. Sometimes the middle 2 get a little confused about their gender. Poor Haven just wants soft clothes so he could care less if it's girl, boy or dog clothing.

Paisley only wants to wear Haven's clothes. Sometimes when I look at her I have to do a double-take. I think I'm looking at Haven when he was 2.

So here they are...at their best ;)

Paisley in boys boxer shorts, no shirt (the usual) and a silly look on her face.

Haven looking ravishing in the Cinderella costume and head scarf.

And a cute picture of Haley and Sterling.


Yara said...

they are gorgeous

Cindi said...

Oh my goodness...this will come back to haunt him someday. This I know because miss Riley has one of Jake ready and waiting for his senior yearbook page. I forbid her to do this, but she is a little sneaky sometimes. Jake is also in girl clothes...what's a mother to do but sigh, smile and click!