June 5, 2009

Creative Meals

I'm not super creative when it comes to meals but I am a really good cook.

Give me a recipe and I'll make you a meal you'll never forget. But, sometimes when the pantry is empty (which happens way too often and way too soon after grocery shopping) I have to stretch out of my box.

Okay, I don't stretch that far lol.

Here is what we had yesterday when I opened the pantry and waited for something to jump out and make itself..

Isn't that pathetic?? Pinto beans (flavored with chili powder and cumin) w/ mozzarella, mandarin oranges, and tomato. Atleast the kids loved it :)

I need some creative ideas not just when there are no groceries but for lunch in general. Lunch is so hard to be creative with.

Give me some ideas!

1 comment:

Cindi said...

I love to chop up food for lunch and use skinny pretzels for poking. Cheese sticks cut into little chunks, black olives, hot dogs cut into circle slices (healthy ones of course) raisins, grapes, cherry tomatoes, carrots stix...you get my point. This is even my favorite lunch.
Natural pb & j on whole wheat or almond butter is still one of my faves too.
veggie pizza out of whole wheat english muffins, whole wheat crackers and hummus with fresh veggies.
But personally, what is pictured here, I would have loved. I love pinto beans.