May 22, 2009

My Life is Blessed

I feel like I should bust out in the most beautiful voice a hymn praising God for the beauty in my life. But doing so would most certainly bring to a halt all things glorious due to my dog-howl of a voice.

I mean, God would hear only the very hidden, inaudible to humans, angelic harmony in my voice so perhaps I will.

*clearing my throat* Maybe a hymn isn't the best. Perhaps a little Blessed Be Your Name and why listen to me when you can listen to Newsboys and Rebecca St. James!

Blessed Be the Name of the Lord - Newsboys

I love it!!

So how exactly is my life blessed?

I live in a gorgeous town with trees, hills, deer, rivers, and not too many people.

I have a husband who took our family from repossession, near foreclosure, no groceries, a failing business to a life of so much freedom and fun. He never stops creating and learning. He dives head first into new businesses that 99% of the population would never touch b/c "it's too hard".

No one understands what he does. I can't say "he's a chiropractor" (well he still is but not a practicing one). And if I say "oh he's an internet marketer, chiropractic coach, google adwords genius, PPC master" then the listener's eyes would glaze over and they'd quickly change the subject.

My children. Oh my precious little 1/2 monsters. Life is challenging with them but life is so much better because of them. I homeschool **whoa. stop the bus! you do what??**

Yes, I am one of "those" moms. One who has decided that it is up to us to educate our children properly and bring them up in the Lord as the Lord desires.

It doesn't take a genius to see that homeschooling is the better choice ... don't stop reading yet please... Most people I talk to agree with that statement but they quickly admit that it isn't for their family because "they could never homeschool".

Most moms, including myself 3 years ago, are not ready to give up that image of dropping the kids off at school, getting things done in peace and quiet, and baking cookies for the kids to savor as they arrive home.

Most moms, including myself 3 years ago, cannot fathom being solely responsible for the future intelligence of their children.

Yet, after a couple of years I realized that I actually enjoy the company of my children and homeschooling isn't really that hard. Oh and there is so much less guilt when baking cookies when it's done for educational purposes.

It's a no-brainer for our family. With weekly reports of school shootings, sexual assaults on buses, kidnappings at bus stops... the choice is easy. I pray frequently for the physical, emotioal, and mental safety of my precious family members who attend public school.

I pray for my family and my ability to maintain my sanity through it all. I couldn't do it without the Lord.

There are so many ways God has blessed me. On days where I'm feeling selfish or rotten I am quickly reminded of how much good surrounds me. It's a smile from my 10wk old, it's a "i luz you" from my 2yr old, it's a bobble-head imitation by my 4yr old, it's a "what can I do for you mom?" from my 7yr old.

All are glimpses of God :)


Laura said...

Hi there - this is Laura from MckMama's car seat post. I just wanted to pop over and give yo a big thumbs up for your dedication to keeping your kids safe in your vehicle!

Salty Star said...

Hi Autumn, liked your post about your family and homeschooling. We are a homeschooling family, but because of some issues that we cannot control, my son is going to a private Christian school starting this fall. I feel peace about it. I know God has His hand in this, but it. is. so. hard. I believe, just like you, that homeschooling is wonderful. I believe we are called to educate and care for our own children. I don't believe it's evil to send your child to school, but I personaly believe whole-heartedly in homeschooling. It is very hard for me to give up that dream for my first-born. Maybe some day we will be able to go back to it. I pray for all the things you mentioned. Even though he is going to a smaller private Christian school, it's not the same as being here. Blessings,,,