January 13, 2009

Our big move

Most people jump into decisions hastily or based on emotions. Usually that's me, but God knew I'd screw my life up big time if he didn't send me a husband the complete opposite.

In March 2008, we began planning in detail where we would like to raise our family. After many check lists the choice was obvious. Now we just needed to get there. Our house went on the market October 2nd. I packed up half our house and it was beautifully staged.

I naively estimated that the house would sell by December. That meant in storage sat all the Christmas decorations and music, the $300 box of Omega 3 oils and all my warm clothes. In early December we listed our house for rent as well. Again I thought it would go in a couple of weeks.

During this whole time, Michael was putting in 12 hour days working like a mad man to create a product designed for Chiropractors. Michael's launch date was set at January 5th. A deadline that could not be pushed back. As this date approached and Michael's put in more hours it was obvious that our house not renting or selling was God knowing better than us.

After a huge launch where we saw how huge this brilliant product was going to be for our family God began moving things with the house. We got the call that our house had a rental application on it and I was in utter disbelief. I knew that nothing is final until the lease is signed.

We went ahead with our scheduled midwife appt on Saturday the 10th and searched for houses in Kerrville. We found the perfect house and put in an application. When we got back on Sunday our tenants came over to sign the lease. It was now official. We could now move.

9+ months of planning, dreaming, doubting, worrying, praying had finally come to fruition. I mean it's not like I had anything to worry about (HA!). I rested in the fact that at least I didn't have to find a hospital and doctor to birth with! Yuck! I knew that it didn't matter where I was, I could birth anywhere. That was a reassurance from God but yet I still craved the knowing.

Where? Where would I give birth? I really really needed to have closure on that question. I did tell God that I'd be okay giving birth in our current house but that it wasn't really what my heart desired. I look forward to moving and getting settled into our new home.

Even now Michael is breathing a little easier about the move. There is no way he could have moved at the end of last year. Not with the insane amount of work he had. I am slowly starting to pack up some boxes. I'm sure the week before we move will be crazy.

Everyone keeps asking us why are we moving away from family? I wish they could accept that we didn't decide to move because we wanted to be further away from family. We made the decision that was best for this family. There is always something you could use as a crutch to stay where you are. Whether it be church, friends, schools, convenience. All of those things matter but they aren't what should dictate where you raise your family.

Our family has dreams and desires that cannot be met living in Krum, Tx. It's not hard for me to accept that another family is not going to have the same dreams as us... a little hard to comprehend but I accept it lol.

When we drive through Kerrville our whole body changes. Breathing in the clean, crisp air is the most refreshing experience. Driving through the neighborhoods and seeing the deer wandering across the road and through yards is something I'll never get used to.

I earnestly pray that our family will visit. I know we plan on visiting often. When our baby is born in about 7 weeks I want everyone to come see us. If they don't, well with God's help I will get over it :P

I can't even begin to describe the giddiness I have inside me anticipating this move. I know it will be hard physically and extremely stressful. But 2 months from now I'll be breathing easier.


Becky said...

Hi Autumn,
I enjoyed reading your blog about your move. We too had dreams of moving to Colorado, not to get away from family, but to live in a place we loved and a town that was perfect for raising our boys. We prayed and planned for 2 years before God opened all the doors for us and we knew it was the right time. We have been in Fort Collins now for 6 months and are so thankfull for all God has done to get us here. Jad has an awesome job, I have an awesome job, the boys are loving it here also. Our 3rd boy is due in April and I am so excited to raise him here. We are away from family, but God knows that and sends people in your life that are like family to help out. We love waking up to seeing the mountains every day and being so close to the outdoors. We are enjoying living in a smaller town also. I am so happy things have worked out perfectly for you too. You will be so amazed at how wonderful it feels to be right where you know God wants you at this time. I will pray the move goes well. I will pray for a healthy baby and wonderful birth!

Regina said...

It's nice catching up with you and your family Autumn!

I can sooooo relate to the feeling you're describing of moving to Kerrville. That's where we live here in PA...only different name of the town. LOL

Congratulations on your new little blessing!