November 29, 2008

Our Thanksgiving and then some

On Thursday we all went to my mom's house. The old house is getting smaller the more kids we have! So far there are 6 grandkids + us 5 kids + 3 spouses = not enough seating. Actually I couldn't imagine my parents not living in that house...unless of course it's a house near us when we move lol.

This year I brought greenbean casserole, pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie YUM! Last night as I was eating way too much pumpkin pie the baby was letting me know that he/she liked it to. There was some serious break-dancing going on in my belly.

After Thanksgiving lunch we played some basketball (we being the kids as the adults didn't so much enjoy the cold front that blew in along with the sun setting at 4:30!) and hunted for acorns that the tree obsessive uncle Chris could take home and plant. Did you like that insanely long sentence?

Then it was time for the girls to totally spank the guys at Bible Outburst. Oh yeah my knowledge of the Old Testament has definately come in handy. hehehe. And to think us girls were afraid we'd lose miserably without our husbands to help us.

We finally made it home at about 8:45 thinking we could push record on the DVR for CSI but no didn't work. Oh the travesty. But atleast we have Bait Shop to watch....seriously this is a big joke in the house right now. Michael logged on to the Blockbuster account and selected this movie. I thought it was a mistake but um no. He has bet me though that if I don't laugh through the movie I can have whatever I want for Christmas...I'm an oak.

Anyways Black Friday came and there is just no way I can fight the urge to spend money. Thankfully Denton was only as busy as it always is. Poor old Santa Claus was just sitting there lonely. Only Haley would approach him and quickly pour out her very specific wish list. Haven said he'd do it later and Paisley would only shake her head with a terrified look on her face.

After Santa we headed for Target. My favorite :) We got 1/2 the gift buying done. For the last half I will most definately go by myself. I like to browse while everyone else wants to get it done in 10 minutes. Where's the fun in that??

We made it through the traffic and safely home, surviving a Black Friday shopping trip. I ended my night but snuggling in bed with 2 of the 3 dogs and the new book Michael surprised me with. It's the Jon & Kate book. I am really loving it! I didn't think I would since I watch the show a lot. But the heavy Christian lean has me way enjoying it.

Well that is the most I've written in a long time. Today we are off to Dad's house. The kids are loving all the cousin time!

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