January 25, 2009

Girl's Night Out

Man could I get used to not cooking! Last night I went to my first Girl's Night Out as a married woman. I know...I am so sheltered.

My mom, sisters Riley and Samantha, my sister-in-law Brittani, and my beautiful big girl Haley went to BJ's. It was heavenly. Because I don't get to go there often I stick to my stand-by the Great White pizza. I would hate to try something new and it not be as good as the Great White.

And if that wasn't enough to engorge my walnut sized stomach (thanks to the 35 week baby floating high in my uterus), I topped it all off with a double chocolate pazookie with chocolate ice cream. You won't have ever caught me saying something was too rich...until I ate that! But it didn't stop me from almost licking the pan.

It was such a blessed time. Not just because the company was amazing but because in 5 days we will be moving. I won't be able to call the girls together and meet up at a restaurant. I will miss everyone here tremendously but I am eagerly awaiting the start of our new adventure.

Today was our last time to attend Denton Bible Church. I was emotionally detached from the parting moment until I picked Paisley up. As the 2 year old leader said "well, we'll know next time" I let her know that this was our last day at DBC. She quickly snatched Paisley back up for another squeeze and I literally fought back tears.

God was good in providing us with DBC when we moved to Krum and I know that He has a wonderful church waiting for us in Kerrville.

I have pictures from Girl's Night Out but I'll have to add those later (Michael has a billion things downloading right now *rolls eyes*).

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