July 5, 2008

Being Tired

Oh the joys of pregnancy. I can't really complain though. When your biggest pregnancy symptom is being dead tired 90% of the day, it beats throwing up. My poor friend, Mese, spends half (or more) of her pregnancies puking. I love naps so now I have a pressing reason to take one.

This long weekend is paying off really well for me. With Michael home I can slip off anytime!

But what I really end up doing is laying on my bed doing my new puzzle book. I am extremely obsessed. I don't know if it is the challenge I like or the scoring system that says I'm a flat out genius lol.

Now I'm tired. Family nap time sounds like a good idea.


Michelle said...

AUTUMN! Your PREGNANT?! Number 4? Wow, so happy for you :) I haven't had time to read this blog yet, but it's super cute!

Vicki & Jim said...

Congradulations! Thats great. If you still want information on adoption feel free to email me.

Jennifer said...

Good luck to you trying to nap with 3 other kids...I can't imagine why you'd be tired?! :) I remember it hard being pregnant with 2!