June 4, 2008

Scooter vs. 3 year old boy

Exhibit A: This is an x-ray of a normal radius and ulna of a 3 year old boy.

Exhibit B: The x-ray of a broken left ulna and radius of a 3 year old boy.

Exhibit C: A very cute 3 year old boy in a bright orange cast. :)

Verdict: Scooter won.


Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

Oh, that poor sweet boy! And just in time for all the summer water activities to come to a halt...STINKY!! With all the rough and tumble boys in this family, I'm afraid it was just a matter of time until somebody wore a cast:)

Autumn said...

It's waterproof! Thank goodness for new technology!

Amy B said...


the little sweetheart. I bet it doesn't slow him down one bit does it? :o)

I pray he recovers fully and soon!

Amy B said...
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