July 30, 2007

No sleep, so tired

Paisley has a new routine. It's called "wake up every hour". From the time she was born until last week Paisley would wake 1 maybe 2 times at night to nurse. Now she wakes up every 1-2 hours and is up by 6:15. Last night was really bad. I read a lot and have always read about children whose sleep schedules are interupted by developmental milestones. Haley and Haven didn't really do this (Haven just never slept) so I never really knew if it actually happened. Paisley is definately doing this. She is in a "growth spurt" of crawling and pulling up. She insists on standing all the time but she can't get down so when she does this at night she screams. Prior to learning how to stand she would put herself back to sleep. I am hoping that as she learns to get back down she'll resume her sleep pattern. Oh and she's getting more teeth. On the other hand, my prince slept through the night last night!!!! I am so proud of Haven. And then on the other hand (because you know moms have a hand for each child) Haley has turned into a sassy, disobedient child :((. What happened to my angel???? Now its "NO! I don't want to" what the heck?? Going to Chicago really messed up everyone but me. Serves me right thinking I could take a break ;). I'm a glutton for punishment so bring on the vacations. LOL. We have an old friend in town until Wednesday. She is down learing from Michael. Her husband graduates from chiropractic school in December and they hope to learn from all our mistakes and bypass the part of practice where you barely make enough money to feed yourselves! That's about it for me today. Off to get rid of that bacon smell **yucky**

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