September 5, 2009

The rain dance worked!

Last night the kids heard thunder in the distance (why is it always just north/east/west of us??). I told them how me, Chris and Luke used to do rain dances all the time when we were kids.

Haley was embarrassed but went behind a bush and did it. I finally got them to do it on video for me :)

Apparently, they're dance worked ...ok not really it was the prayers I said last night!

What's better than a good rainstorm and Eddie Rabbit?

Music + Slideshow = Good Times

Eddie Rabbit - I Love A Rainy Night

Found at bee mp3 search engine

1 comment:

Sonja said...

we loved it too, and afterward everything looked so clean and green, like the world had taken a bath, I forgot what that looked like, it had been so long...